A Big Wave (and I don’t mean Mavericks)

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Big Wave is a proposed development on land adjacent to Airport Road and Princeton harbor. Developer Jeff Peck envisions building a set of residences there for developmentally disabled individuals and to support these individuals financially by building an office park next door.

As you might imagine, the proposal has generated its share of controversy on the coast.

In this new video, Neil Merrilees has a look at the Big Wave project and takes us on a visit to the site, helping us to visualize the structures.

San Mateo County’s Planning Department is looking to hear feedback on the Big Wave project by February 20th and toward that end the Midcoast Community Council, under new Chair Deborah Lardie, will be holding a discussion on Big Wave February 11th at the regular meeting of the MCC. The meeting will take place at 7:30 at Seton Hospital in Moss Beach (please park in the upper lot).

Click here for the e-mails of the MCC members.

And you can share your thoughts with Camille Leung, the Planning Manager at the San Mateo County Planning Department by clicking here. Your comments need to be in by February 20th.

Note that an earlier version of this story erred in saying that Big Wave was coming before the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors on February 20th. That is not the case. If you have already e-mailed the Supervisors you will need to send a new e-mail to Planning Manager Camille Leung. My apologies to readers and Supervisors alike.

Experimental (hi-def) version of the video. For those of you with faster computers (less than five years old, say) try clicking on this version. In theory it will automatically detect your computer’s capabilities and give you the biggest image possible. Very cool.

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