Big Wave before the Planning Commission

UPDATED: Add the prf of Lennie Roberts’ presentation (n the organization section).

UPDATED: I’ve added a pdf file of the presentations from the Big Wave leadership team, courtesy of Big Wave.

The room was packed at a Planning Commission “informational hearing” for the Big Wave office park/sanitarium complex that is proposed for the Moss Beach/Princeton harbor area.

Big Wave is the controversial 300,000 square foot development made up of a 75,000 sanitarium for the developmentally disabled and a 225,000 office/R&D/manufacturing park adjacent to it.

The hearing was intended to examine the environmental report on Big Wave and to uncover and identify deficiencies in the report.

About two thirds of the audience was made up of Big Wave supporters, many of whom are on the Big Wave development team or are potential beneficiaries of the sanitarium. Those opposed to the project were made up almost entirely of midcoast residents.

The hearing opened with a presentation by county staffer Camille Leung who gave a detailed outline of the proposal, followed by the development team of Big Wave. The next several hours were dedicated to comments from the public, with two minutes alloted to each speaker, though some were given extra time.

Below are pdf and movie links for the presentations used at the meeting. You can open these in a separate window and follow along with the speaker.

Big Wave development team presentations:
Click here

Presentation by Lennie Roberts
Click here

Presentation by Sabrina Brennen (Seal Cove)

Click here.

Presentation by Lisa Ketchum and Kevin Cooke (Pillar Ridge)
Click here and
click here, too.

Presentation by Len Erickson
Click here

Presentation by Laslo Vespremi
Click here

Laslo Vespremi’s presentation contained animated movies which depict the scale of the Big Wave complex. To see each of the movies click on the following links:
Movie 1
Movie 2

Videos by Darin Boville. Presentation media by their respective authors.

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