MCTV responds to criticism from Montara Fog, says it was “obviously not possible” to warn public of tsunami

Mike Day of MCTV has made an astonishing admission. While confirming the report in Montara Fog on Saturday that MCTV carried no information whatsoever about the tsunami, Day excused the station’s abysmal performance on the grounds that the County did not email or call him, despite the fact that the earthquake in Chile and the resulting tsunami dominated world headlines all day.

Day’s admission was made in response to questions from Barry Parr of Click here for Coastsider’s coverage.

Mike Day’s entire e-mailed statement is as follows:

Subject: RE: MCTV’s coverage of tsunami advisory?
Date: March 1, 2010 11:39:10 AM PST
To: barry
Cc: Montara Fog (and others)

Mr. Parr.

In response to your inquiry, we have checked and MCTV received no email or phone call notification from anyone at San Mateo County regarding the tsunami warning Saturday morning.  You are correct that Mr. Boville made no effort to contact MCTV before publishing his article criticizing MCTV.  We have indicated in the past that MCTV can serve as a means to transmit public safety information to the community, and we have placed messages on the message channel and shown public service programming on specific topics at the request of the County and other governmental agencies.  However, if we do not receive any communication from the governmental agencies, it is obviously not possible for MCTV to disseminate such information, particularly when it is time sensitive information.  Mr. Boville’s uninformed and unfair criticism does not take into account the fact that MCTV has always made an effort to cooperate with the County and City to inform the community about public safety issues and other important public matters in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings we cablecast–when we have been asked to do so. 

Mike Day

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