Horsley calls ‘new media’ campaign a “deliberate misrepresentation of my position” on Big Wave

Responding to a plethora of YouTube, Facebook, and TalkAbout posts suggesting that he supports the development of the controversial Big Wave development in Moss Beach, Supervisor candidate Don Horsley says that he does not oppose the “Wellness Center” portion of the project but has a long list of concerns regrading the large office complex planned for the site.

The posts critical of Horsley on this hot button issue were made anonymously in the past few days on Horsley’s campaign sites on YouTube and Facebook–in some cases posted numerous times. Similar posts have appeared on the Half Moon Bay Review’s discussion site, TalkAbout.

The posts began after Horsley appeared on the PenTV political talk show, “The Game.” During a discussion about development on the coast Horsley mentioned he would not oppose the residential portion of Big Wave and had concerns about the rest but in his answer he did not clearly differentiate the two parts of the project. Taken out of context his statement to not oppose Big Wave appears to apply to the entire project.

Big Wave, a third of a million square foot sanitarium and office complex, has been mired in controversy and is a lightning rod for public frustration over development on the coast.

The repeated posts on Horsley’s YouTube site have been made by a user with the screen name of “yogatoes.” The post reads, ” “I’m NOT voting for? San Mateo County Supervisor candidate Don Horsley on June 8th.  Horsley supports building a MASSIVE office park next to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, on-top of a Native American burial site, without adequate water resources and in a tsunami zone.”

Although unsigned, aside from the screen name, the online profile for “yogatoes” lists a San Francisco graphic design firm as its web page in its user profile. No name is listed on the company’s site but the phone number there matches that used by community activist Sabrina Brennan when she served on the Midcoast Community Council last year.

Brennan has also been circulating an e-mail on the same topic, a copy of which was provided to Montara Fog. Its title warns readers on the coasts that Horsely “”supports building the Big Wave Project” and that they should look instead to rival candidates April Vargas and Michael Stogner.

Horsley’s statement on Big Wave reads, in full:

“It is a deliberate misinterpretation of my position. I have said that as a parent of three children, I understand the desire of parents of a developmentally disabled child to provide for the care of that child after the parents pass on. So, I have said that I don’t oppose the Wellness Center but I have concerns about the bulk of the project, the height, the traffic generated, the size of the office complex and the agricultural water supply. Those questions and others related to setbacks, orientation of the proposed buildings and location on the property need careful analysis before this project could be approved.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Sabrina Brennan’s e-mail voiced support for Matt Grocott. That is incorrect. The e-mail suggests supporting Michael Stogner, along with April Vargas.

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