Money raised and money spent, campaign funding in the Board of Supervisors race

San Mateo County provides access to the campaign contribution and spending forms for candidates–but you have to go to 40 Tower Road in person and pay ten cents per page if you want a copy. They are not available on the Web.

As a public service Montara Fog obtained the campaign finance forms for the Board of Supervisors race from the County and scanned them into pdf files for the public to download.

Forms are current as of June 8, 2010. Don Horsely and April Vargas will continue campaigning as they face each other in a run-off and thus will continue to file new campaign forms throughout this year. Monatra Fog will strive to keep this information visible to the public.

Campaign Finance Forms (click to download, in pdf format):

Matt Grocott (13 pages, 1.8 mb)

Jack Hickey (23 pages, 3.1 mb)

Don Horsley (110 pages, 12.1 mb)

Michael Stogner (Did not raise funds, no forms required.)

April Vargas (85 pages, 11.3 mb)

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