Sobriety Checkpoint in Moss Beach

Update: A representative from the Sheriff’s Office called today to let me know that the sobriety check was being run by the California Highway Patrol, not the County Sheriff’s office. Sorry about that!

Here’s something I can’t recall seeing on the coast in the past half dozen years–a sobriety checkpoint.

This one, directly in front of the Moss Beach Sheriff substation was set up late afternoon on Sunday and lasted until well after dark. Officers were stopping northbound cars and were, according to the posted sign, administering sobriety tests and checking drivers licenses.

Montara Fog sent an e-mail to Sheriff Munks that night asking for basic information on the checkpoint–how many officers were involved, how many citations issued–but no response has yet been received.

The video, which lasts a few seconds, shows the view from a southbound car and then the view pulling out from the Moss Beach Post Office (the checkpoint was trivial to detour around for locals).

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