Merrilees: The Moss Beach Park bathroom is approved

Community Hug.

We finally got the County Planning and Building Department final approval to build the bathroom at the Moss Beach Park. The appeal period has ended, it is a done deal. It took five years.

The bathroom will be a pre-fabricated concrete ADA compliant bathroom with a flush toilet and sink. It is being paid for by the San Mateo County Parks Department (thanks to Dave Holland). It is the same unit that is used at other County parks. The thought was the County could eventually take over the park someday when the economy improves. If we want to we can add beach stone wainscoting or some ceramic sea life. It will be great. And it will be coming soon.

Everything takes a long time on the Coast. We started out 5 years ago arguing about the water at the drinking fountain. Then it was the sewer hookup. It looked like it was going to be one of those issues that permanently divides the community. But together we slowly worked through it and now the community is all on the same page. On the Coastside that is no small victory.

Thanks everyone.

Neil Merrilees

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