Kids in HMB had fake cop car complete with lights, PA system, and bullet proof vest

Three underage boys from Half Moon Bay and Vallejo were caught late Friday night in a fake police car after not using a turn signal. Pulled over by a San Mateo Sheriff’s deputy in Half Moon Bay, the officer noticed strobe lights, an amber flashing light bar, and other lights mimicking those of a police cruiser. The car was also outfitted with a public address system and metal cages over its rear passenger windows.

Further investigation revealed that one boy was wearing a bullet-proof vest and a military police badge. Both items, as well as others in the car, had been stolen during a car burglary in Vallejo this past Friday.

The San Mateo County Times and NBC Bay Area have the story. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office serves as Half Moon Bay’s police force under contract to the city.

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