Daytime burglaries in Half Moon Bay


Within the last week, the City of Half Moon Bay has experienced three daytime residential burglaries. These burglaries have followed an area wide increase in residential burglaries that have occurred in a variety of peninsula jurisdictions.

The Sheriff’s Office is working in unison with other city jurisdictions to increase communication and identify suspects. The Sheriff’s Coastside Bureau is asking for your assistance in contacting the Sheriff’s Office should you see suspicious individual(s) with their vehicle(s) possibly casing your neighborhood. In other jurisdictions, arrests have been made due to alert neighbors identifying suspects with quick calls to local police and with leads from home surveillance systems. We ask that you take reasonable precautions and lock all your doors and windows and report any suspicious individuals.

3 recent HMB residential burglaries involved unlocked garage doors or kicked-in side doors that led into the garage. Areas of Half Moon Bay that were burglarized include a residence on the 1000 block of 3rd Avenue; A residence on the 400 block of Grand Boulevard; A residence on the 300 block of Valdez Avenue. Burglaries are occurring during the daytime hours generally between 9am and 5pm. More information on crime statistics can be found on the Sheriff’s Office citizen RIMS site:

Be aware: In some jurisdictions, the thieves are walking door-to-door and knocking on the front door to see if anyone is home. If you open the door, the burglar will give a phony reason for knocking. If no one answers the front door, the burglar(s) will enter a side yard to access or kick-in the side door – a door that may not be observable from the street. In some cases, an associate may also be waiting with a car parked outside.

If you see someone suspicious in your neighborhood, please do not hesitate to call Sheriff’s Dispatch at (650) 363-4-911. You may also want to program this number into your cell phone for quick emergency access to our dispatch. Sheriff’s Coastside Patrol; Sgt. J. Gilletti

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