Small fire on Montara Mountain catches the attention of residents

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A small fire on Montara Mountain, near Alta Vista Road, excited local residents–and even the Half Moon Bay Review sent one or more reporters scrambling up the mountain in search of dramatic images.

The fire started sometime before 2:00 Today. I first saw it shortly before, pulling into Montara. I didn’t hear fire engine sirens so I contacted 911 who transferred me to the fire dispatcher. A few minutes later I heard the first sirens. Observing from a neighbor’s yard (thanks, Bob. Nice to meet you.) I saw four Cal Fire fire fighters repeatedly descend into the ravine, apparently observing the fire or the operations of other firefighters, out of sight below the tree line. I observed this process as it continued for perhaps a half hour as the white smoke steadily diminished.

The fire apparently occurred in a ravine popular with local teenagers who sometimes camp or party there, though at this point suggestions that an abandoned campfire caused the fire are purely speculation.

This fire, despite its small size, is a reminder of the much larger danger faced on the coast due to dry weather conditions.

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