San Bruno Mountain fire offers view of what might happen here

A fire on San Bruno Mountain today offered a good reminder to Coastsiders–especially those on hills, those with brush near their homes, and those near Eucalyptus trees, of the very real danger of fire.

SFGate says the fire broke out “shortly before 2 p.m.” but in fact at two o-clock it had already burned its way up a both sides of a long ravine and was working its way down the next (see first two photos, made at 2:16 p.m.). We were’t able to see the area from where the smoke was rising the most, behind the ridge, but on our side we watched as firefighters trudged up the steep ravine in full gear, and a few minutes later as a team was dropped on the summit by helicopter. A Cal Fire tanker arrived and circled for a bit while another helicopter dropped what appeared to be water on part of the fire. Then the tanker swooped in low, dropping its orange-colored retardant on the top edge of the ridge where the fire was active. (See third photo, made at 2:41 p.m.) A second tanker came in and drooped its retardant three minutes later (fourth photo). They left and other tankers repeated the process fifteen minutes later.

Quite an impressive show and quite a lot to think about in terms of the potential for a fire disaster on the Coastside.

San Bruno Mountain Fire 1

San Bruno Mountain Fire 2

San Bruno Mountain Fire 3

San Bruno Mountain Fire 4

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