Former board member Cockrell is fourth candidate for fire recall election

Former fire board member J.B. Cockrell, a pilot and resident of Montara, is the fourth person to file for candidacy in the upcoming recall election for the Coastside Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

Three incumbents, Mike Alifano, Doug Macintosh, and Gary Riddell are facing a recall vote over their efforts to reinstate a stand-alone fire department.

Karen Anderson, Lee McKusick, and Harvey Rarback have also filed to run in the race. Cockrell will be vying to replace board chair Macintosh. None of the candidacies have been finalized or approved by the Board of Elections.

The candidates who have filed papers so far are thought to favor keeping CalFire and are opposed to reinstituting a standalone department.

Tomorrow, January 24th, is the final day to file for candidacy. Though the three board members subject to the recall are unable to run in this election it is generally expected that candidates favoring the standalone department will file papers by the deadline.