Coastside Fire Protection District, Board of Directors Meeting, February 26, 2014

The full agenda can be found by clicking here.

The Board of Directors of the Coastside Fire Protection District met this past Wednesday–Montara Fog videotaped the meeting on behalf on the Board.

CFPD holds the copyright to this video but desires that it be widely disseminated. Therefore, they are granting permission for its use (including use by the news media) as long as proper attribution is given. Attribution can take the form of, for example, the text “Video courtesy of CFPD” located next to the video or at a visible place within an article. That’s it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Montara Fog.

3 thoughts on “Coastside Fire Protection District, Board of Directors Meeting, February 26, 2014

  1. Gary Burke and JB Cockrell should to be RECALLED from the Coastside Fire Protection District. What a disappointment they’ve turned out to be. Vote them off the board.

  2. On Item 9B there is some misguided discussion on item 9B over on HMBR TalkAbout. District Counsel’s client is the CFPD Board not the public. It is a Board policy decision on retaining legal council. Members of public lack the expertise to choose council. Two of the three public speakers have experience serving on a local board and council and should have known better. At best, the publics information on Ms. Savaree’s performance at the current CFPD Board, previous CFPD Board and the San Mateo County Harbor Commission is hearsay. Much of the critical policy is done in closed session or administratively in private and is covered by attorney client privilege. I can best describe what was going on at the meeting as a few members of the public demanding the CFPD Board bow to their notions of political correctness in choosing legal council. These few people in the audience did not elect the CFPD Board all by themselves.

    Board legal counsel is not responsible for the policy good or bad of candidates the voters elect to office. The previous rogue CFPD Board majority members that ran amok were elected by the voters of the Coastside. The San Mateo County Harbor District has been a mess for a long time. The voters again are responsible for that mess. To attempt to lay responsibility for bad policy on lawyers or staff is nonsense. It’s political sniping. It’s not an effective political tactic.

    Ms Savaree from my personal observation is a competent attorney. She is aggressive in representing her clients and protecting the government agencies interests. During the previous CFPD Board in public comments at Board meeting I said many unkind things about the the former Board majority members and Ms Savaree. I’m not apologizing or retracting what I said. The situation demanded it. I was in an adversarial relationship with that Board majority and at times Ms Savaree. In all my interactions, Ms Savaree behaved professionally. In my own legal research and consulting with attorneys on issues I brought to the CFPD Board, the Board and Ms Savaree would have most likely prevailed or stalled any action in San Mateo County Courts, such as they are. So, I took my case, as they say, to the courthouse steps and went public with them. I don’t fault Ms. Savaree for aggressively defending her client, at the time.

    Many would like to think the CFPD recall last year was some grand political victory. It wasn’t. A few have postured that they were instrumental in the recall and feel they now have a right to come back and demand a pound of political flesh. They weren’t and any Board member that is conned by them is a fool. CFPD is not some conquered territory that can be exploited for the next political action to go tilt at wind mills in other political arenas. The CFPD Board faces many potential challenges going forward. The recall, while successful was rancorous in the community. There are people biding their time and opportunity on the Coastside and in the County. The Coastside is very dependent on County Paramedics and transport ambulances. Local 2400 members are very influential in the County wide Advanced Life Support(ALS) JPA and lobbying the SMC BOS. The Coastside only has one vote on that JPA. In the past Ms. Savaree and former CFPD Board members were instrumental in influencing the other JPA member agencies to look critically at proposed charter and structures structural changes that benefited Local 2400 more than the member agencies and ultimately the citizens. The CFPD Board going forward needs legal staff with the knowledge of the arcane agreements, legal issues and relationships associated with the ALS JPA.

    In my personal opinion, the CFPD Board would be well served by continuing to use Ms, Savaree and her firm. It is the CFPD Board’s policy decision. It’s my hope the CFPD Board makes that decision based on what is best for all the citizens and visitors of CFPD and not just a small group seeking their notion of political payback and an agenda that has very little to do with the Fire District moving forward.

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